• Neoprene Bungee Belt
  • Friction Fit in moulded EVA design
  • 3D Spine construction
  • Belt Pocket to stow away excess straps
  • Short harness hook for better bar feeling and control

Both, the Sizing and pre-shape of the Styler harness have been reworked in 2016! Its 3D Spine construction has also been completely reworked. This moulded and pre-shaped panel supports the natural shape of the lower back to relieve the muscles. The extra low side panels allow for maximum freedom of movement and the hook plate is made out of fully moulded EVA foam which is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


The integrated soft EVA inlay makes the harness very comfortable and guarantees a firm fit without slipping.


The most important and significant constructional change at the Styler harnesses is the all new neoprene bungee belt. Instead of a normal bungee belt, a newly designed neoprene belt is used - this increases ergonomic fitting, makes the harness lighter, more flexible and simply more comfortable to use!